Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy Birthday OLD MAN!


KBOX website hacked! Hundred of thousands of personal data leaked!

I got an email this morning from a hacker, calling himself THE KNOWNS, who claims to be hacking Singapore websites in retaliation to Singapore government raising the toll rates at Woodlands. Could they be also pissed off with me for upping a Malaysian babe as I complained about the toll hikes by the Malaysian government? Damn...please don't hack me!! Haha...

I believe the links to the KBOX database are going viral as we speak now. I checked the file and it's real! There are more than 300,000 names with IC number, telephone, emails and even occupation. The hacker(s) threatened to release more databases of Singapore companies if the PAP government does not reverse the decision to raise the rates at Woodlands.  

This is an example of screenshot of the database. I have blurred out the details to protect the people:

And if you think it is the ordinary folks, then you are wrong! I just scrolled thru the database and did some simple searches and found a whole bunch of local artists. Fiona, Felicia, Rui En, Joanne Peh, Michelle Chong, Gurmit Singh, Wong Li Lin, Cynthia Koh....WOW....shit hit the fan...

Here's a famous local actress: 
Lu R## En, S810XXXXG, 2XC Hend%3son Rd #0X-0X, 975XXXX6, Singapore, Accountant, 29/xx/81, Female, Single, Basic

Fuck you damn stupid hackers...even if you leak out a bloody thousand databases it won't change anything...mofo. For the rest of you, wait for the next Malaysian babe. Hah. Oh, btw, if you want a link to download the KBOX database with 300K names, message me on FB here.

UPDATE 17 SEP @ 4pm

This is a message for the hundreds who have send me a private message asking for the KBOX dump.

There are generally 3 kinds of people asking me for the dump.

1. Those who wanna kay poh and snoop around.
2. Those who look like cyber criminals and want to use the personal data.
3. Those who want to check if their personal details are in the dump and was leaked.

If you are no.3., send me a private message again with the name you used to register for KBOX and the last 4 digits of your NRIC. I will match it with the dump and message you back the details if they can be found in the dump.

Yes, I will do it every single one of you. Why do I do it? Because you deserve to know.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

International Sunday: Bang COCK!

International Sunday is a series of enticing pictures published on Sunday to reward workers in Singapore, regardless of nationality and ethnicity, on their off day. Search our archive for more offerings of International Sunday girls.

Here a Thai Girl to go with your Tiger this Sunday. She's a Thai model called Wang Shui Wen or Michelle Chan and her pictures might just might your Sunday more pleasurable.