Monday, 2 July 2012

Kong Hee and Sun Ho: Blind pursuit of personal business profits

Contributed by reader Abraham

Despite the many allegations Kong Hee and Sun Ho, one has to admit that they are very creative and admire them for their entrepreneurship in creating wealth for themselves. However, it is not hard to expose that they are not very Christian. Religion is a simple belief which they have complicated it to a point that it is hard to comprehend. GOD may had asked for blind faith but it was to HIM and not a human being or even a pastor who copied his sermon and whose looks wife has a boob job.

Let's look at the boutiques that were previously owned by the couple which were hastily closed down when investigations started. Skin Couture, started around 2005 and carried several popular and expensive brands such as True Religion, Antik Denim, Queen of Luxury Lover, Double Standard, Chelsegrab, etc. At its peak, Kong Hee and Sun Ho had shops in Marina Square and Heeren. These brands are not accessible to normal Singaporeans with a pair of simple jeans costing up to $500. 

Skin Couture boutique

Kong Hee and Sun Ho are also the exclusive distributor for Ed Hardy in Singapore, a brand that has uses Satanic symbols in many of their merchandise. There cannot be anything Christian about it. The brand Ed Hardy also sell sex toy, lubricant and condoms. Just google and you will see many of their design. It is obviously Satanic and it doesn't take a genius to see that.

True Religion is a brand that is so insulting to other religion but they happened to be sold by a Christian pastor couple in pursuit of their personal profits? Do they approve of others who denigrate symbols of Christianity? True Religon trademark is a design of Buddha holding a guitar found on the back side of all their jeans. How would Buddhists feel? Images of Hindu gods are sewn onto the ass cheeks of the jeans and they have a jeans that has a design of 2 Hindu Gods hugging each other in a seductive manner. Yes, all endorsed and sold by the pastor and his wife. 

Pastor Kong Hee and his wife stay in a $10mil Sentosa apartment, drives expensive cars, wears high fashion, got capital to run high-end boutiques and live like multi-millionaires. Sun burnt tens of millions in Hollywood trying to launch her Geisha image. Even if they did not misused church funds like their fervent supporters would like to believe...where did they get the rest of the money from? Drop from the sky?

Ed Hardy design

Ed Hardy design

Hindu Gods used to design the backside of jeans
Misuse of religious symbols for fashion


Mohammad Nizam Abdul Kadir said...

Think more open-mindedly.

The MARKET SEGMENT they attract from such a business is the exact people they want to EVANGELIZE to.

It makes perfect sense. To reach out to these group of people who buy such "SATANIC" items, they could do a good job of reaching out to them.

Yes, misunderstood easily, but who knows their intention?

Anonymous said...

Yes of course that is possible. And everytime a customer wants to buy something the sales person would have to remind him that this product might be satanic and read a verse of the bible to him/her.

Anonymous said...

if you do know the truth, then you should not any how say or comment.

Anonymous said...

This why they have been exposed of the filth.a disgrace and shame to the Christianity he should be stripped of his title and how a real man would allow he's wife to expose her body why not she might as well strip naked on PLAYBOY!! they should be charge with exploiting the youngsters watch. Watch out city harvest kl heard they are doing the same stuff making money out of those stupid educated humans which not led by the spirit of God.Church has been come a place to make money money money money that's what these group of people do and they are so called FALSE pastors who claim their they so and so but the real agenda is about money money!!!! I hope this happen City harvest the ladies dress without respect to church ground no respect at all !!!

Anonymous said...

no wonder they play satanic music on the church stage !!! because their pastors and his wife are so satanic they have the spirit of jebezel to the church both CHSG and CHKL

Anonymous said...

First time here and I understand why this place is call the hall of shame.

pisces said...

Sun and kong, why do you make each other a rotten apple?

Anonymous said...

just a personal view: let the court do their work, and only God can judge the person..

Anonymous said...

A pastor took a taxi to church one day. The taxi driver drove fiercely in order to reach the church on time. Unfortunately, they met an accident and both died simultaneously and went to the pearly gates of heaven.

At the gate, the Angel presented the taxi driver his house keys in heaven. It was a gorgeous house, with a pool and a majestic bed room painted with gems and gold. Upon seeing this the pastor got really excited, knowing how much good he did being a pastor. The pastor got his keys and was brought to his house, which basically was a wooden shed. He was shocked at the condition of the house - small and dirty.

He asked the Angel politely... why is it so unfair. The Angel politely showed him clips of his life while he was preaching and noted that every time he preached, people fell asleep and was more uninterested in God then ever. While when the taxi driver drove like a mad person, every passenger prayed like never before.

Perhaps, the method is unconventional but perhaps the most effective.